A Few Photography Samples…

Happy New Year from the Keen Cosmopolitan!

Here is a representation of some of my latest photos, taken in the second half of 2013… some transit-related, some non-transit related.  None of these photos are photoshopped, they are straight off the camera.

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2 Responses to A Few Photography Samples…

  1. mithriluna says:

    Great images. The first one is especially beautiful.

    • C. Walton says:

      Thank you! I personally love trying to find rare but awesome locations to photograph the new World Trade Center and different times of the day to capture the drama that is the sight of that building from many vantage points. I work in Hudson County and as I work the HBLR line I pass quite a number of great vantage points such as the elevated structure just north of the Newport Station and even the Exchange Place plaza by the PATH entrances. When I am not out photographing transportation, I do get shots of monuments, skyscrapers, bridges, landmarks, and even landscapes if I am outside of the city, cityscapes if I am local (or in another city). I find natural and urban equally quite beautiful.

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