Least Favorite Airports: HOU

I like the city, but I would have loved it if not for a few things.  Not really getting into everything, I will say this:  fly IAH instead.  IAH is George Bush Intercontinental Airport, about 30 miles NORTH of Houston.  Don’t go to William Hobby Airport, HOU, which is about 20 miles SOUTHEAST of Houston.  Just don’t.  If you can.

I only flew there because Southwest gave me decent rates from Newark.  Again, Newark isn’t my cup of tea either, but for the time frame I was traveling in and the short amount of time in advance I bought the ticket, it was either Houston for cheap or break the bank.

It wasn’t really the approach into HOU that bothered me, quite the contrary since my plane made a bee-line for the airport passing right over Downtown Houston.  It wasn’t the runways or the tarmac crossings that bothered me.  It was more likely the experience of being there in baggage claim waiting for my luggage to reach whatever carousel the airport would choose for my incoming flight.  Therein lies the problem.  Slow ramp agents, a confusing baggage system, and dozens of flights that arrived at roughly the same time all contributed to a negative experience.  Not to mention the entire time I was in areas of the terminal with little to no daylight, and a huge canopy over the ground transportation area so that the harsh sunlight wouldn’t overheat car while they are waiting for passengers.  OK, maybe that’s a good thing.  The structure just looked like an eyesore.  Not to mention the bus stops are a long walk from the main entrances to the terminals while the taxi stands were front and center.  Never mind that this is Houston, where your best overall city experience can be done via rental car or taxi, but even so, transit options should be close by and not in a location where only airport employees (or transit nuts like myself) would know.  A quick ride on Houston METRO’s #88 bus could take you downtown in 40 minutes, or a 30-45 minute ride on the #73 Bellfort Crosstown to the METRO Red Line can take you downtown via rail service.

Not the worst airport I have been to,but surely not a favorite.

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