New Series: The Light Rail Files

Let’s take this week and maybe next to talk about light rail. Maybe because it’s what I’ve done in the three years before I became a motorman for New York City Transit. It’s what started my rail career, it was relatively easy to get into (took me only two years), and it’s a stepping stone for a lengthy career in transportation, something I have always wanted to do.  Nonetheless, in the many years before my career and in the HBLR years, I have visited several light rail systems, mainly taking pictures, shooting some video, and riding whatever I had the time for and whatever I felt was sufficient to see the sights and get a good representation of the system’s pros and cons.  Some light rail systems are part of larger rail networks, while others are standalone systems.  Nevertheless, I shall go into what I like and don’t like about each one, out of all the light rail lines I have ridden.  Please note that I will not speak on systems such as Buffalo’s NFTA Metro Rail, since I only have photos and videos and have see them close-up in action, but have not had the chance to ride it in the few times I have visited.


Here goes:

Hudson-Bergen Light Rail

Newark Light Rail


SEPTA (including subway-surface, Red Arrow, and Route 15)

MBTA Green Line

Port Authority “T” Light Rail

MTA Maryland’s Baltimore Light Rail

MTS San Diego Trolley

Los Angeles Metro Light Rail


San Jose-VTA Light Rail

Dallas-DART Light Rail

Houston MetroRail

Denver RTD – The Ride

Portland – Tri-Met MAX Light Rail

Seattle – Sound Transit LINK Light Rail

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