Memorial Day Weekend

I just want to wish everyone a happy Memorial Day Weekend…enjoy some sun, some relaxation, and some traveling, if you are going somewhere other than the Jersey Shore or to the Island.

Right now, I am still in training as a train operator at New York City Transit, at a point where we are assigned to different yards and terminal stations to work with senior train operators breaking us in on yard and terminal duties.  I passed all of my practicals and exams up to this point, and over the course of the summer, I shall be working in yards with assigned jobs on my own, at the whim of the crew office, being subjected to whatever shifts in whatever yards they please.  By Labor Day weekend, we shall be doing road operations training, where we learn how to run the subway lines as if we were in service.  By Thanksgiving weekend, I shall be on my own taking passengers to their destinations, but not before passing even more exams and practicals.

So far, it has been nothing short of amazing and rewarding to learn how to Move New York, so to speak.  I figured it would be a good idea to have a post intermission to update you of my training status.

Now, back to the regularly scheduled programming.

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