New Series Coming Soon…

Well, I hope everyone enjoyed reading the Light Rail Files series as much as I enjoyed writing the series.  You can tell which ones were my favorite systems to experience and which ones merited just a few words here and there.  Among my favorites:

  • Dallas (DART), for its HBLR-like characteristics and its sheer size compared to its peer systems, stations long enough to handle three cars of Super Light Rail Vehicles (SLRVs) of 123 feet in length, and lines that take you to many of DART’s member cities including Carrollton and Plano
  • Portland (Tri-Met), for its extensive system, uniquely weird junctions and ROWs (Westside MAX), Downtown Portland’s transit mall and junction of lines at Pioneer Courthouse Square, and for its Steel Bridge crossing.
  • San Diego (MTS San Diego Trolley) for its Blue Line to the Mexican Border, downtown right-of-way with twists and turns and unique stations, and sleek cars to complement and replace older cars, all of which are painted a solid red.

Maybe there should be a series on Bus Rapid Transit, especially since there is so much momentum being shown towards mimicking BRT systems in South America and showing people what BRT can be versus how it’s being implemented in North America.  A new series would focus on BRT systems that I have ridden, from the busway concept to the “BRT-lite” that is seen in many parts of North America and even systems that have premium or special services that they promote as “BRT.”


Stay tuned…

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