A Quick Update…

Here’s a quick update for all of my followers:

  • I have finished the New York City Transit Train Operator training course, or “School Car” if you prefer the old-school terminology, and I am officially on my own operating trains.  It took every bit of 9 months, from February to November, but alas I am official.  It has taken quite a bit of my time, learning everything from what signals to follow to keep me on my route to operating every type of train the subway runs safely and efficiently.  I am fully qualified to operate revenue service trains on any line in the “B” Division, primarily the letter trains.  So, you might see me out there flying down Central Park West, rolling down Broadway, or cruising out to the Rockaways.
  • It’s been over a year since I started blogging on this site and, though my work schedule can take up most of my time, I haven’t stopped traveling or blogging or photographing nor do I plan to.  I am still writing a few posts at the same time, which is usually unheard of for me.  Let’s just say one is an important post and one is a brainstorming post.  Both required a lot of free time and distraction-free writing to put out exactly what I am thinking.
  • I will begin the update/upgrade of my cameras since my current ones are battle-scarred and are *gasp* outdated.  My small camera is the Sony DSC-HX10V and my large camera is the Nikon Coolpix P100.  I upgraded the small camera to the Sony DSC-HX50V with more zoom and slightly more megapixels.  As for the large camera, I am looking at the Nikon Coolpix P530 or P600, even considering the move to a DSLR like the Canon Digital Rebel series.

Thank you for following and reading, more to come soon!

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