Happy New Year from The Keen Cosmopolitan!

Happy New Year to all of my subscribers and fans!

2014 was a great year for me, and I am looking forward to 2015.  I have a number of trips and posts planned, and I intend on writing more commentary about current transit events as time permits for me.  I would like to thank everyone for reading my “Fanning Responsibly” post as well as taking the time to understand what I do and why I do it (also why people like me do it).  For those who haven’t seen the series, here’s a few links for some good reading:

Bus Fanning Part I

Bus Fanning Part II

Rail Fanning Part I

Rail Fanning Part II

I hope to take some time to write some updates to topics I have written about in the past, such as PATH service to Newark Airport, the Rockaway Beach Line in Queens, and ideas on how to improve transit in New York.  I would also like to expand my writing on travel topics and my photography, since most of my posts have been about public transit.  I am looking forward to more frequent posts and more commentary and updates…that is, between my crazy work hours at work.

Happy reading!

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