My Travel Wishlist

I never get tired of traveling or thinking of places to go around the world for any reason whatsoever.  There are places which I would love to visit at least once in my lifetime, and there are a few places that I could go back to at least once more.  I might have only gotten a glimpse of culture or folklore the first time and might want to further explore or even rediscover someplace I really enjoyed.  Some are “tourist traps” while others are hidden gems.

Here is a list of places I would definitely love to visit or re-visit:

The Pacific Northwest:  I have visited Seattle three times and Portland once, each time better than the one before it.  I visited Portland in 2012, combined it with Seattle, in late October around my birthday, and the leaves on the trees were changing colors as far as the eye can see.  It was pretty rainy in Portland, typical of that region, but there was a point when I got out to Beaverton that the rain started to let off, the sun peaked out from the dark clouds, and a rainbow formed in front of me.  That combined with the tall trees and the hilly terrain really made my birthday vacation that much more special.  A beautiful sight in a beautiful part of the country.

The Grand Canyon:  Just a marvel and a wonder of nature, to see the result of centuries and centuries of the river carving through the landscape and nothing but sand and dirt for miles.  You can’t duplicate something like this anywhere.

London and Paris:  This trip I did back in September of last year, easily the best trip ever…so far.  My first visit to the U.K., first visit to mainland Europe, first trans-Atlantic flight, first time traveling internationally other than Canada and Mexico, and the first time visiting a city with a totally different culture and way of life.  An eye-opener…not that I didn’t know how Europe was, but it was wonderful seeing it firsthand.  Can’t wait to explore more.

Tokyo:  Bullet trains, bright lights, and floating airports.  Japanese culture, Mount Fuji, and innovative technology.  Need I say more?  Besides, it would be interesting to get accustomed to a city more expensive than New York.

Africa:  The Motherland.  Where human populations have begun.  I am thinking of a few places in Africa, such as Lagos, Nigeria; Johannesburg, South Africa; Mount Kilimanjaro; the Nile River; and maybe parts of northern Africa.  Giza?  Cairo?  Alexandria?  Sure!  Maybe even Kenya or Madagascar.

Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island:  Beautiful, stunning views of Maritime Canada.  I have seen eastern, western, and middle Canada.  Time to explore some more.  Debunk the myth (not that I haven’t already) that Canada’s always cold.

Australia:  Down Under, one of my top ten locations around the world to visit.  Forget the 18+ hour plane ride and the time zone and hemisphere changes, it’s a frontier worth visiting.  Tough choices as far as cities goes:  Sydney (for the Opera House, Cross-Harbour Bridge, and CityRail), Brisbane (for the busway everyone talks about), the Outback (for the environment), or Melbourne (for the city life).

New Orleans:  Bourbon Street, the streetcars, the French Quarter, the eateries, and everything else that makes New Orleans a top tourist spot…and Louisiana as a whole.

Alaska:  Discovering the tundra, the lakes, the mountains, and the wildlife that call Alaska home, even the fjords that begin down in British Columbia, it’s the United States away from the United States.

Hawaii:  One of the most beautiful groups of islands anywhere in the world, would be nice to fly there and take in some sun and serenity away from the lower 48.  Honolulu would be the preferred spot, since it’s got some of the nicest beaches, some of the nicest resorts, and there’s transit to also keep me occupied from time to time.

The Caribbean:  Particularly Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, Trinidad, Sint Maarten, The Barbados, Saint Lucia, and Dominica.

South America:  I would love to visit Brazil, it’s been one of my spots on my bucket list for many years.  So has Colombia, Venezuela, Argentina, and Ecuador.  Not just for transit, but also for the beaches, the mountains, the forest, the plant life, and the culture.  Lots of energy in Brazil, for example.

More soon…


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